Students at Kalgoorlie-Boulder Community High School engage in a rich and varied English curriculum which caters for their individual strengths and areas of interest and aims to prepare them for the language and literacy demands of life after school; whether they choose to study further or enter the workforce.

Across Years 7-10 students will study a variety of genres and engage in a wide variety of learning activities.

Students can expect to study the traditional genres such as:

In addition to this, students will learn that texts are all around them in the daily world and that the world needs to be understood and interpreted. Students investigate some of these genres including song lyrics, electronic texts (web pages), print and digital advertising, documentary and current affairs programs, feature articles and news articles.  Across all of these genres teachers plan activities that strive to improve students’ skills in the key areas of reading, writing and speaking and listening.

In English classrooms there is also a strong focus on learning the conventions of Standard Australian English.  Students will be explicitly taught spelling strategies, learn about the conventions of punctuation and study in detail grammatical rules and conventions to ensure that they are effective communicators with improved skills in these key areas.

Curriculum and Community