Student Services

Kalgoorlie-Boulder CHS recognises the importance of student well-being and pastoral care support on a student’s education and engagement. The school aims to create a safe, supportive and valued learning environment where students feel encouraged and learn important skills of self-awareness and self-confidence to strive to achieve at their personal best.

Our student services team is committed to creating an inclusive school environment which respects cultural diversity, differentiated learning and acceptance. The ultimate goal is to maintain “High Performance – High Care” for students, staff and the school community.

The team consists of Associate Principals, Student Services Coordinators, Student Support Officers, Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers (AIEO), Nurses, Chaplain and School Psychologist.



Agripa Ncube Yr 7-8  and Darius Krispler Yr 9-10
Student Service Managers

Jake Basire
Year 10 Coordinator

Roberta Bowman
Year 9 Coordinator

Steven Shaw
Year 8 Coordinator

Chelsea Cook
Year 7 Coordinator