Kalgoorlie Clontarf Academy (KCA)

The Clontarf Foundation exists to improve the education, discipline, self-esteem, life skills and employment prospects of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and by doing so, equips them to participate more meaningfully in society.

Since opening its first Academy for 25 boys in 2000 the Foundation has grown to cater for over 6,500 boys in 120 schools across Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

The Kalgoorlie Clontarf Academy is focussed on encouraging behavioural development, positive attitudes, and assists students to complete school and secure employment. Fundamental to this is the development of values, skills and abilities that will assist the boys to achieve quality life outcomes.

Through a diverse mix of activities, the Kalgoorlie Clontarf Academy staff mentor and counsel students while the school caters for the educational needs of each student.

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