Aboriginal Language and Culture

The Wangkatja people are the traditional inhabitants of the Kalgoorlie area. In fact, the Wangkatja people have (for many thousands of years) and continue to inhabit most of the Goldfields area and extend into the Western Desert Region.

At Kalgoorlie-Boulder Community High School students study the Wangkatja language and culture as a language offering other than English.  All students take this course in Year 8 and they can choose to take the course in Years 9-10.  In Year 10 some students choose to undertake the course Aboriginal Languages 1A/B and completion of this course contributes to their achieving the Western Australia Certificate of Education at the end of Year 12.

Students are involved in a variety of activities to gain a better understanding of Wangkatja language and culture.  Some of these activities include telling, listening to and recording traditional Dreaming Stories and learning how to understand and then create Aboriginal Art (dot-paintings).

Students study Wangkatja vocabulary, pronunciation and grammatical conventions so that they are able to comprehend and respond to questions and instructions in Wangkatja. Their knowledge of Wangkatja words increases as they undertake theme based units of work, for example on traditional hunting and cooking methods.
Students learn about the history of the Wangkatja people and look at important traditional and contemporary customs and traditions.

The Aboriginal Tuition Assistance Scheme (ATAS) staff work to assist selected Aboriginal students in the areas of literacy and numeracy.

Students take part in NAIDOC celebrations with both aboriginal and non aboriginal students, staff and community members being involved in a variety of activities over the week.

The Kalgoorlie Girls Academy and Goldfields Football Academy continued to offer tremendous support to Aboriginal students and families.