School programs

All public schools take reasonable actions to establish and maintain safe learning environments for all children.  Such actions may involve assistance from district staff or other departments or non-government agencies.

The Department is supportive of schools partnering with other government departments or non-government agencies to advise and/or provide universal child protection prevention programs to promote all children’s personal resilience and development of self-protective behaviours.


Kalgoorlie-Boulder Community High School is serviced by a chaplain. Chaplaincy provides the school with pastoral care available to staff, parents and students.

Other aspects of chaplaincy include:

  • friendship

  • mentoring

  • anger management

  • home and hospital visits

  • class visits

  • providing links between local community groups and the school

  • providing materials relating to youth issues

School Nurse

Kalgoorlie-Boulder Community High School benefits from the presence of a School Nurse.
Apart from providing medical advice and support, she provides a practical and beneficial support line to many students during the school day and her office is frequented by many a student taken by her warm and supportive character.

Our nurse also supports staff through class visits and presentations relating to health & wellbeing topics as staff strive to maintain a healthy and supportive learning environment.